FUE Hair Transplantation – Regaining Your Hairline

The Fast & Effective Treatment In Regaining Your Hairline Through FUE Hair Transplant


First of all, anyone who is experiencing hair loss should know that it is not the matter of concern nowadays, because modern technology allows us to improve everything we would like in our look, and hair loss is one of the solvable problems. Anyone who is looking for hair transplant surgery should know well what they want exactly. Here is a quite different method FUE or as it is called (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant method that differs from already existed one called FUT strip harvest surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant surgery offers modernized and much convenient hair transplant options. Let me discuss and tell the difference, what pros and cons it includes in itself to give you the clear idea of its benefits. The Artas Robotic hair transplant provides fuller hair and eliminates the obstacles that are associated with older transplant methods.


The Benefits of Using Artas Robot FUE

Artas robot is so called the future of the hair transplantation, first of all, it selects best donor hair with the help of laser precisions and causes minimal scars, its accuracy is 95%. The process of the FUE surgery is automated using the latest software technology. It is a great helper not only for the doctors who are performing the hair restoration but also it brings a number of benefits for the patients.

One of its benefits includes the accuracy in follicular unit graft harvesting, it allows the time of harvesting to be reduced considerably and increases the graft survival. its accuracy and high performance give an excellent outcome. It is faster in action while extracting manually takes longer, the robotic technic allows the physician to be faster and more precise in extracting more grafts than usual, and to produce the more refined result of the hair restoration. I should add that this system is very safe for the FUE patients.


Hair Transplant Side Effects and Post-Surgery Recovery Tips

Post-surgery side effects feature: sore scalp and the patient may have the need to take medications as the accompanying process of the surgery, there are: pain killers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications in order to avoid surgery related further difficulties. After a few days, most hair transplant doctor will allow their patients to return back to work.

The patient after the surgery may experience its side effects like bleeding, infection, scalp swelling, bruising around eyes, treated areas may get numb, itching, inflammation of hair follicles, also the patient may experience sudden transplanted hair loss, that is why all the above information is provided to know that it is temporary and the symptoms will be removed after post-surgery medications are taken. If you have any other concern or questions about the side effects, you should not be shy to ask Singapore hair transplant clinic staff members.


How To Select The Right FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

When you have decided to undergo a hair transplant singapore surgery, we recommend you to evaluate the hair transplant clinic facility, envisage the experience of the doctors and their competency in FUE field. Years of experience matters a lot too. You should require the list of their previous FUE patients, seeing their before and after hair transplantation surgery photos. The hair transplant – deviantart clinic or the hair transplant doctor should be well experienced and specialized on the very method you are demanding.


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