Greetings From Education Clinic’s Editor-In-Chief

Greetings To All,

You all know me or should know me but if you don’t give me 3 minutes of your time –  I have seen the clinic come a long way. I cannot help but reminisce about this as I see the Summer and Saturday programs in full swing or field phone calls from parents who want (oh so badly) to have their child or children placed into the program. Through the numerous stages, there is one thing I will never ever forget, and can never repay.

As the editor in chief who is handling the day in and day out workings of the  I am sated by the work that not only goes into the site but that comes out of it. Today, more than ever I am pleased by what I see, the conscious degree of giving to the many by the few.  I would not want to be anywhere else but here, doing anything else but this. This is where I belong with the hearts and minds of those yearning for knowledge and education.

I am pleased to see its growth and even more pleased to be a part of the growth newsletters, website, facebook group page, twitter.   This would be my dream for a fixture, capturing the essence of family and culture within its programs and the people who continue to serve, year after year.

I am now in charge of the website and its maintenance so if you see something wrong, have ideas to improve or expand it, please do contact us or share them.


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